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January 27, 2020 2 min read

CoVID-19 has been a confusing and trying time for parents. Whether you have a 1, 7 or 12 year old- each age group offers their own unique challenges. Toddlers and preschooler being particularly difficult. Sudden changes in routine can be trying on your little one, and they lack the ability to directly articulate this. The best advice I’ve come across is give yourself credit, you’re doing great. Whether your laundry is piling up, or you lost your cool about something that would normally be so silly, you are still doing great!

I found that there is something refreshing about having a schedule planned out to help guide the day, since days seem to be running together. It took a few failed attempts, but making sure my schedule didn’t run the day… but rather served as a way to flow through the day was key. It is okay to have a schedule and still be flexible. 


We have some ideas for you to keep everyone happy:

  • Let everyone have a turn picking an activity; that includes mom and dad
  • Don’t push any particular activity (mom is ready to do a craft, but 4 year old isn’t? that’s ok, set everything up and allow our child to observe and come when they are ready).
  • Don’t let your toddler turn you into a puppet- give them the opportunity to make choices, but not control the entire day.
  • Maintain as much “normalcy” as you can (stick to naps, bed times, meals, and snack times).
  • Let each parent have some “me” time (Go for a walk, take a drive, bake, color, get your social media fix, Facetime a friend in another room, or shop online. Anything you need to recharge is okay).
  • Incorporate your toddler in chores. Don’t underestimate their innate desire to help (Ask your toddler to pull the spoons out of the dishwasher, find the matching sock in the laundry pile, clean the windows, or vacuum).
  • Expend both physical and mental energy (this is important for both toddlers and their adult caregivers).
  • Don’t let the change in routine consume you (take time to close your eyes and just breath, incorporate activities that ground you, or say ok to a little screen time- we all need some downtime).


We are traversing new waters here and it might feel unsettling to not have an identified end date, but we shall persevere. It can be hard to not be able to go to your favorite story time, catch up with friends during a play date, or hop in the car and head to your local kids’ museum. However, there are still ways to enjoy this new way of life. Take each day as a fresh start, making it the best you can. Alara+Zane is here for you.

Update September 2020: Open play and private play are now available. Come enjoy play with a very limited number of individuals. We thoroughly clean/disinfect all toys and surfaces between each play session. 

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