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January 27, 2020 2 min read

Why Alara+Zane? When people ask me how I came up with the concept of Alara+Zane, or why… It’s hard to know where to begin! A+Z is so much more than a store, or a play space. It was developed with passion for creating a place of wonder for kids, a place where parents can feel at home and supported, a place where we can all find community and strength through our parenting (or caregiving) journey. 

As a mother of a now 2 and 5 year-old, I know first hand the roller coaster ride of emotions that can happen each day. I know that getting out of the house and exploring new places is priceless for both caregiver and child. I also know that there is nothing better than feeling reassured and supported as a parent. That is exactly why we have engagement staff that are vested in our A+Z families and are here to supports parents who could use an extra hand, whether that means helping your kiddo get their shoes on or working with them to create an art project.  And… if you’re like me and love to shop for others, it’s so much more fun to do it in person. You can feel the fabrics, smell the products, and ask questions about what your deciding on.

I love the museums and play spaces we have in Raleigh, but I felt there was a need for more. Something smaller scale than a museum and a place that offered quality open ended toys, fun interactive elements, engaging story times, educational crafts, music classes, and science exploration. I wanted a place that felt like a second home. I wanted to create a place where our community of parents and caregivers could come together and have new experiences, develop new friendships, and create lasting memories.

So how did I come up with Alara+Zane? Simply put... It was a perfect blend of things that I love: supporting grownups through conversation, community, and classes and creating special moments for kids to laugh, learn, and create. 


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