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Winter Wonder Style Box (Big Kid)

This bundle box is an amazing collection of fall and winter outfits that are sure to please. This surprise box means that we specially pick the items that go into your box and you get quality boutique clothing that are soft, comfortable, stylish, and sure to be a hit for both child and parent - all while getting amazing prices. 

Don't need anymore cool weather clothes this year, just size up for next fall and take advantage of this amazing sale. 

 What does you box include:

  • A minimum of 2-3 tops
  • A minimum of 2-3 bottoms
  • Socks, pajamas, or hat
  • Fun surprises like stickers, tattoos, coloring book, book marks, and more
  • All items mix and match for 3-6 different looks 

Each boxes is unique and features a different collection of items, the images are only examples of boxes for visual reference of what all you might get. Extra surprises are included in the boxes and not pictured. 


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