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Music Class Series

Let's add joy to your Monday Mornings


$19.00-$23.00 per person



About this experience

Join us for one or all of our music classes. Each class is 45 minutes of singing, dancing, instrument play, and so much more. These classes are designed to build a love for music while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for children to grow their confidence. Come along with mom, dad, grandma, or nanny and enjoy lots of smiles and laughter as we jam together. 

Each week children will learn about rhythm, pitch, balance, listening, confidence, impulse control, friendships, and most importantly a chance for child/caregiver bonding. For some added fun this mini session wll focus on all things holidays. 

  • Class is best suited for children 6 months to 5 years old

  • No make up classes for this semester 

  • 30 minutes of post music class play can be added for $5 (in-store) 

  • Socks required

  • Most importantly: lets have fun and make memories

Your Host

Hi, I'm Catherine Moorman!! I was born in Fayetteville NC, but have sense moved to Raleigh to attend Meredith College. I am a senior social work major and couldn't love it more. Some fun things about me are I used to have a dog named Miley Cyrus, I have been drinking coffee since I was a kid, and there is no genre of music I don't like. Can't wait to brighten you and your kiddos Monday's with some music.

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