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So you're Having Multiples?

Expecting twins, or triplets?! This class is for you.


$12.00-$35.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

Expecting twins, or triplets?! This class is for you. We have designed this class to cover the logistics behind careing for multiples. Every class is tailored to discuss relevant information as it directly pertains to the questions or concerns that our registered parents and caregivers. Some topics that will be covered:
• How to feed two (or three).
• How to hold and comfort two (or three).
• Creating a schedule and what to expect.
• The importance of a support system.

Your Host

Shelly CPD, CLC, CHT, our AZ Expert and owner of Babies and Beyond brings over 15 years of experience as post-partum doula supporting families with all things newborn. From soothing techniques and feeding concerns to managing multiples Shelly is able to equip parents with the information and tools they need reducing their stress during the early months of parenting.

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