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Lets Sign Together

Parent and Child Class (best for 18-36 months)





About this experience

Join this 4 week class group (7 classes) where you and your little one can learn some sign language to help facilitate easier communication between parent and toddler. Learning some basic sign language may offer a way for toddlers to express their needs and emotions prior to being able to articulate them verbally. Twice weekly you will join fellow parents and toddler in this engaging class which will incorporate learning a few signs, listening to stories, playing with toys, group activities, and bubble play into each class. This is a sweet class that will be sure to promote bonding between parent (or caregiver) and child. 


About the class group:

  • Class Meets twice a week

  • 30 minute classes to keep toddlers engaged

  • Activity suggestions for continued practice 

  • Discounted play passes for after class play time

  • Small group setting to foster relationship building

 Don't forget:

  • No shoes allowed in the play area and class 

  • Bring grippy socks

  • No refunds once we are 7 days from the start of class

Your Host

Host image

Amber Peay is a mother of two adventurous, loving daughters; a wife to a humble man who fixes and builds anything for them; and a daughter to an honest man, full of faith, who raised her on his own.
Amber is passionate about continued learning and received her MA in Education, focusing on Curriculum and Instruction. Since she was a child, Amber has always loved reading and writing. She enjoys the simple things in life, and can usually be found cooking, going to church, camping and spending time with their animals, friends and family. Through Story Times, classes, and events, Amber and her family are spreading the important message of resiliency to children!

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