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Leave a Little More

A special event for children 5-9


$28.00 per person



About this experience

Let's celebrate life and the limitless potential each day holds with the fun morning at Alara+Zane together with Author and Illustrator of Leave a Little More.

Leave a Little More inspires children (and adults alike) to embrace the extraordinary impact of our ordinary decisions. Whether we choose to dance, to race, to smile, or to serve, our daily activities can be much more than just fillers of time; they can be powerful opportunities to leave the world a better place.


Each Child Ticket includes:

  • 2 hours of fun at Alara+Zane

  • Interactive Author book reading

  • Illustrator lead art project (guided watercolor project)

  • Healthy snacks, drinks, and treats

  • Rainbow party favors

Ideal for children ages 5-9 (4 years old craft lovers are welcome as well) 

Don't forget to bring your grippy socks for both adults and children


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